APRIL 16, 2019


Sergei Korolev

Nikolay Pirogov

Pyotr Kapitsa

Andrei Tupolev

Mark Skanavi

Mstislav Keldysh / Digital Economy

Thomas Bayes / NLP by MTS

Alan Turing / ROS by Sberbank

Стенд Сбербанка

Sergei Korolev


Robots: Down by Law

ExoAtlant Presentation

Industrial external skeleton at the modern manifucture


Robots are with us. Robotics and artificial mind in the life of a modern man


Artificial mind training

Who is Promobot? Presentation of a new company strategy

New reality: how does artificial mind cheats people and how to protect from it?

Through acceleration to corporations

Nikolay Pirogov

Robotic in 3D Bioprinting: From bioprinter to artificial intelligence-driven biofabrication

Medical imaging for automated planning of neurosurgical operations

Medical microrobotics

Brain-computer interfaces: decoding of locomotion

Noninvasive and minimally invasive brain-computer interfaces for neurorehabilitation

Neural engineering

Orientation of the robot method of control

Interaction of Neuroscience with Robotics

Anomaly Detection and Failure Prediction

Introducing advanced technology medical devices. A comparison of microprocessor controlled prosthetic knees & exoskeletal orthoses

Introducing Innovative Robotic Patient Medical Devices

Pyotr Kapitsa

Lely’s robots at the milk farm

Projects of the Centre of digital innovations of the Block of logistics, processing and distribution of “Gazprom Neft” to robotize business- processes

Apply and possibilities of robotics in Japan

ISID's AI, Big Data technology utilization for efficient product development

Use case of a humanoid robot "Pepper" which works with human staffs in a store

Deploying Robotaxis Around the World

The Energy Crisis in Robotics

Independent technology for industry

Robotized mountain factory, challenges and ways to overcome them

Ways to develop disruptive Russian robotic companies. Dynamics, investments, infrastructure

Digital production. e-f@ctory concept

Industrial robotics in contact operations

Andrei Tupolev

Software engineering and concurrency for robotics

Robot Navigation in Dynamic Environments

Understanding people activity for surveillance and robot interaction

Aerial Co-robots of the Future: Safety, Intelligence, Certification

Competitions for Cognitive mobile Systems

Soon... in all storages of Russia

Storage robotechnics

Robotic car — the price for the hundred per cent security

How to develop private space technology for the lunar economy

Robots at the Moon

From idea to prototype

Mark Skanavi

Anomaly Detection based on Zero-Shot Outlier Generation

Robots that can dream of new molecules

Artificial mind future: turing or posturing methodology?

A history on Generative Adversarial Networks

Monocular 3D object detection via geometric reasoning on keypoints

Monocular 3D object detection via geometric reasoning on keypoints

Licensable Artificial Intelligence (AI) Processors for Autonomous Computing: Balancing Performance and Flexibility

System theory, algebraic structures, artificial mind and their practice in the framework of juridical expertise — glance at the science and practice

Digitalization of the tax part

Computable justice

Realization of the practical results of the artificial mind in the work of the National Technologic Initiative in the direction of the artificial mind

Mstislav Keldysh / Digital Economy

Robots at the service of economics

Initial code and build of the artificial intelligence


Thomas Bayes / NLP by MTS

End to end approach to SLU

Log analysis: how and why

Developing dialog system in one day: why it won’t work

Language models from beginning to state of the art

Acoustic models in speech recognition: then and now

Topical vector representation of text: from bag-of-words to sequential language models

Alan Turing / ROS by Sberbank

ROS Russian Meetup 2019 Opening

Ideology and current status of ROS

ROS for competitive robotics. Sharing Eurobot participating experience

SLAM and indoor laser lidar navigation

ROS Docker: launching ROS virtual image on Linux computer

Robot path planner considers both loaded map and dynamic obstacles, our Eurobot experience

ROS for Unmanned autonomous submersible vehicle, practical experience

Code testing for ROS: how to build an unmanned car without breaking anything

BelAZ on ROS - VIST Group way of mining solutions creation

Movelt: industrial manipulators controlling

Computer vision for robots - objects grasping based on data from RGBD-camera

How devices listen and what they say?

SMACH: state machine, building and debugging robot scenarios

Bounding the unboundable in the world of ROS development

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Us, a cobot and the money we are counting - A robotized cash counting unit

Unmanned future of delivery. Live cases of aerial cash delivery and UAV economics analysis

Logistics robotics. Technological trends

Sberbank Robotics Laboratory R&D: Take a Robot and Add AI Named entity recognition from government documents of various level: semantic and topic modelling. Automatic scheduling model

Industrial exoskeletons: future applications and usage boundaries

Global trends of biometric technologies usage

Tcpectations, practical usage and future possibilities for a robotized call-center operator

Robotics Spring is coming. Presenting Sberbank's Robotics Lab analytical report