APRIL 16, 2019

Robotic in 3D Bioprinting: From bioprinter to artificial intelligence-driven biofabrication

Nikolay Pirogov
11:00 11:30

3D bioprinter could be defined as a automated robotic (usually cartesian type) device for layer by layer additive biofabrication of living 3D human tissues and organs according to digital model. 3D bioprinting technology is a biomedical application of 3D printing technology and it is a direct manifestation of next industrial revolution based on digital manufacturing. 3D bioprinting also manifests ongoing digitalization of medicine and healthcare and, thus, it represents an integral part of rapidly evolving digital economy. The evolution of 3D bioprinting technology is possible to present in following sequential steps: i) 3D bioprintiter; ii) hybrid biofabrication devices; iii) biofabrication assembly line; and, finally, iv) artificial intelligence-driven biofabrication. Experimental automated biofabrication assembly line included articulated robots for large scale production of 3D skin tissue engineered constructs have been already successfully developed and implemented in Fraunhoffer Institute in Stuttgart. Moreover, USA start-up company Aether is already trying to introduce elements of artificial intelligence (AI) in 3D bioprinting technology and develop AI-driven 3D bioprinting system. Thus, marriage of 3D bioprinting technology with artificial intelligence is already have been started and AI-driven 3D bioprinting is not a futuristic dream or some sort of science fiction but rather practical and realistic work in progress. Recent trends and challenges in the development f AI-driven 3D bioprinting systems will be discussed. The original 3D bioprinters developed at Russian company 3D Bioprinting Solutions (associated with Skolkovo) will be also presented

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Nikolay Pirogov
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Chief Scientific Officer,
3D Bioprinting Solutions