APRIL 16, 2019

Albert Yefimov

Head of Robotics Laboratory, Sberbank

Albert graduated from the Moscow State Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics
and Automation with Master Degree in Computer Science. Later, he received the
Chevening scholarship and graduated with a Masters degree in Communication
Management from Strathclyde Business School (UK). Following his life-long interest
in Robotics, Albert finished a short course in Robotics School of Imperial College
of London and postgraduate course in the Institute of World Economy and
International Relations in Russian Academy of Science.
Since 1993 Albert worked in various companies and organizations in Russia, from
telco startup till major European operators like MTS Group or EQUANT,
implementing strategic business change with IT projects. In 2011 he joined
Skolkovo Foundation where eventually established Russia’s first Robotics Center.
This center become major hub of Robotics in Russia, increasing number of robotics
startups from a dozen in 2012 to a hundred in 2017.
Albert has many creative ideas. He is behind UPGREAT national technology
challenges, supported by federal development institutions like Russian Venture
Company and Skolkovo.
In September 2017 Albert was invited to join Sberbank, Russia’s largest public
corporation where he founded Sberbank Robotics Laboratory (SRL). SRL is Russia’s
the only corporate RnD Center, focusing on key robotics areas: cobots, logistics,
unmanned ground and aerial vehicles, industrial exoskeletons and robotics personal
assistants. Laboratory is focused on delivering working prototypes to business
customers inside Sberbank as well as its customers’ base, including one million
corporate clients and 130 millions private customers.
Albert authors a number of scientific publications about innovation, robotics and
new technologies. He speaks at many national and international, public and
corporate events. Albert is frequent guest on Russian TV and other media.

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Robotics Spring is coming. Presenting Sberbank's Robotics Lab analytical report

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