Инновационный центр «Сколково», Москва, Россия
16 апреля 2019 г.
Инновационный центр «Сколково», Москва, Россия | 16 апреля 2019 г.

Роботы: жизнь вне законов

Сергей Королёв
10:00 11:00

Last 60+ years robotics was govern by some laws. Some were pure fictions but some are more empirical:

  • Asimov's Laws
  • Turing Test
  • Moore Law

However, recently seems that all these "laws" are no more valid:

  • Asimov' Law are far from being implemented. Every developed country seek either killer robots or robots that replacing humans in a way
  • Turing Test was passed by so nobody is interested to imitate human intelligence by machine - seems machine intelligence is much more fun even for humans
  • Moore' Law delivered huge improvement in electronics but no more working
    Seems only paradoxes are left to robotics: Moravec and Polyany.
    Question to all:
  • Do you agree or disagree that we are entering in new era of robotics research were old Laws and research paradigms are not true?
  • What is greatest unsolved problem (or two) in robotics which can turn everything upside down?
  • Why robotics startups fail so often (Rethink Robotics, Jibo, etc.)?
    Might be other questions
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Сергей Королёв
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